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Life Center, The Israel Center for Attachment Parenting, represents the developmental-attachment approach of raising children to parents, teachers and caregivers of children of all ages. This approach is sometimes called the relational approach because when parents and teachers provide children with the context of “right relationship,” children can mature and develop their full human potential. “Right relationship” means an attachment relationship in which the parent takes the lead and the child can rest in the feeling of being taken care of.

 A child’s deep attachment to his parents and to other adults who are responsible for him help him become a caring, responsible and independent individual. If a child becomes stuck in this process, there is a way to restore the natural processes of development and maturation through his relationship with the adults who care for him.  Through our courses, books and consultations, we give parents and teachers the eyes to understand children from the inside out so that they can help them stay on or return to the path of development and maturation.

Life Center has evolved over the years, from being attachment oriented to becoming rooted in the Neufeld Paradigm.  The Neufeld Paradigm is creating a global shift in how we see children and the role that parents and teachers play in their lives. Dr. Gordon Neufeld’s courses and unique way of helping parents and teachers make sense of children and youth give Life Center a rich variety of services and support to offer parents and teachers.

What We Offer

You will find below a description of the books, CDs, courses, workshops, lectures and other products that Life Center offers. Our website includes several forums: a forum for Hebrew speaking parents, a forum for English speaking parents, and a forum in Hebrew for teachers. These forums are open for reading by all, but are unique in that those who attend our courses can participate in continuing dialogue and learning.  The site also offers questions and answers, stories and articles on a variety of aspects of parenting children of all ages. 

Contact Us

Questions and comments in English can be sent to us by e-mail at  info@lifecenter.org.il, through our website, our facebook page, or by phone in Israel 1599-550-777. 

Many of the articles on our site are available in English upon request.    

Our Products:
Books and CDs

We publish in Hebrew the most informative and authoritative books in the field of raising children, and we have produced two of our own CDs for listening in Hebrew. Our titles include:

  •  Hold On To Your Kids by Drs. Gordon Neufeld & Gabor Mate
  •  How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk, by Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish
  • Siblings Without Rivalry, byFaber & Mazlish
  • Liberated Parents, Liberated Children, byFaber & Mazlish
  • How to Talk So Kids Can Learn, byFaber & Mazlish
  • How to Talk So Teens Will Listen and Listen So Teens Will Talk, by Faber & Mazlish
  • Mothering the Mother, by Drs. Marshall Klaus and John Kennell and Phyllis Klaus
  • Nighttime Parenting, by Dr. William Sears
  • Nursing Your Premature Baby, by Gwen Gotsch /La leche League Israel
  •  If My Mom Were a Platypus, a children’s book (ages 5-10) written by Dina Michels
  • CD’s: 2 discs, “What’s the Connection?” 1: Ages 5-11; 2: Ages 12-18  
Workshops and Courses
We offer the following workshops and courses:

I.      The Neufeld Paradigm


·           Intensive One: Understanding Children From the Inside

This is a 10 week foundational course for all further study and training in the Neufeld Paradigm.   This course is given by Shoshana Hayman, Neufeld Faculty Member, in Israel in Hebrew. For information regarding this course in English, see www.NeufeldInstitute.com.


·         Intensive Two: Common Childhood Challenges

This course deals with the 10 most common problems encountered in childhood and adolescence, offering understanding, insight and solutions. For those interested in further study and practice, this course paves the way for an advanced study program, tailored to the individual needs of the participant.  


·         Power to Parent: A Three-Part Course for Parents of Children of All Ages

Each segment is 8 two-hour sessions. This course has been written by Dr. Gordon Neufeld, internationally acclaimed developmental and clinical psychologist and author of Hold On To Your Kids, after 40 years of experience working with parents and children. Shoshana Hayman, Neufeld Faculty Member, offers this course in Israel and trains others through an authorization program.

Part 1: The Vital Connection

Part 2: Helping Children Grow Up

Part 3: Challenging Children’s Problems


·         Power to Teach: A Four-Session Course for Teachers of Children of All Ages

Each session is 2 academic hours. This course was written by Dr. Gordon Neufeld and is offered by Shoshana Hayman and authorized facilitators in Israel to schools throughout the country. It explains the four natural sources of power for teaching, reveals the handicaps that result when these are missing and the way to restoring them.


·         Making Sense of Discipline:  A Three-Part Seminar for Teachers and Parents

Each session is 2 full hours.

·         Two-Hour Presentations About Different Aspects of Raising Children:

Relationship Matters
Cultivating Caring Children
Discipline That Doesn’t Divide
Making Sense of Adolescence

II.      Training Program in Group Facilitation of the Faber/Mazlish Workshops

A professional course of 20 sessions of 4 academic hours each that provides the foundation and the materials needed to facilitate four workshops: two for parents, one for teachers and one for youth. The focus of these workshops is communication that strengthens relationships and prevents a break in the relationship when there is conflict. The four workshops include:

 “How to Talk So Kids Will Listen” (for parents)

“Siblings Without Rivalry” (for parents)      

“How to Talk So Kids Can Learn” (for teachers)

“Listen to Me!” (for youth) 

School of Attachment Parenting

Together with the Lander Institute, Jerusalem Academic Center, Life Center has opened a school of attachment parenting in Jerusalem. Courses and lectures for parents and professionals are offered. For more information, the number in Israel is 073-2204-206.

Attachment Friendly Products

Our online store offers the Life Center books, other parenting books with an attachment orientation, children’s books and other attachment friendly products.  

We aspire to continue our own development so that we can support parents who are doing the most important work of all: helping children grow up to be caring, fulfilled and mature adults!


About LifeCenter

About LifeCenter
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